Suson Eye Specialists of Milwaukee Testimonials


Dear Dr. Suson,

After wearing contacts for over 20 years, getting Lasik at Suson Eye Specialists was a fantastic experience. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I still remember getting up in the morning and realizing I didn’t have to find my glasses in order to see.

The doctors at Suson Eye Specialists (all of them) were great to work with through the whole process. The pre- and post-surgery assessments and education they provided were very important to me.

When I think of Suson Eye Specialists, I think “Great doctors, great staff, great technology, and great results.” They all seem to have a passion for corrective eye surgery that I didn’t see elsewhere.

During the procedure, I specifically remember watching Dr. Suson’s hand when he put the fake tear ducts in before surgery. His hand was eerily steady, which I noted because he had really sharp tweezers in it. Frankly, the tweezers were freaking me out and then I saw his hand and thought “wow, his hand doesn’t move.”

I’m guessing I’ve spent about as much time as any human being on the planet watching Dr. Suson’s hands come at my eyes, and that memory still sticks with me.

Anyway, thanks for everything.

Mike Kratoska


Dear Dr. Suson,

Just a note of thanks to you and your team for a job well done! It’s been nearly 6 months since my LASIK procedure and it’s been a life-changing experience. My only regret is not having it done 15 years earlier.

As a motorcycle/boating/snowmobile enthusiast, the results were even better than I had hoped for. Since I found it impossible to wear contact lenses, the freedom I once again enjoy to pick the appropriate eye gear to wear in any situation is simply awesome. My vision is now better than most 20-something friends of my daughter.

As a photographer, I was impressed with the familiar brand names on your equipment as they represent the very best in photo optics. Your staff was well-trained for their positions and I appreciated being treated with courtesy and respect – especially of my time!

I also appreciated the way I was informed during each and every step of the way. Not only what to expect the day of surgery and thereafter, but the way you and your staff described what I would be feeling, and why, during the procedure itself. Very calming!

You can be sure that I will recommend LASIK by team Suson whenever I get the chance.


John Jost

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