Suson Eye Specialists LASIK Evaluation

The following videos are intended to show prospective LASIK patients what to expect during a Suson Eye Specialist’s LASIK evaluation.

Arriving for a FREE LASIK evaluation

Performing a corneal topography

The corneal topography measures anomalies on the surface of a patient’s eyes


Utilizing the NIDEK auto-refractor


Prospective LASIK patient preparing to be examined


Dr Suson discussing the patient’s vision goals after surgery


Dr. John Suson, our board certified opthalmologist and LASIK surgeon performs ALL of his own LASIK evaluations. This is not always the case at all LASIK providers but it is extremely important for optimal surgical outcomes.


Viewing the LASIK informational video while the patient’s eyes dilate.

After patient’s eyes are completely dilated and they have watched the informational video, the final portion of the exam is performed by Dr. Suson. At the conclusion of this pain free exam, which includes a comprehensive evaluation of the health of a patient’s eyes, Dr. Suson is able to determine the patient’s viability as a LASIK candidate.

The unknown is often the source of great anxiety……particularly when considering a medical procedure. It is the sincere hope of the doctors and staff at Suson Eye Specialists that these brief videos will help make the “unknowns” of a LASIK evaluation known, and remove the anxiety for those desiring better, clearer vision.

If you feel the time is right to schedule a FREE LASIK evaluation with Dr. Suson, call Steve Tetzlaff, LASIK Coordinator at Suson Eye Specialists @ 414-778-2020.




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