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At Suson Eye Specialists, we refuse to entice you with an ad that says, “This Month Only, No Money Down!” to get you to take our Bladeless Lasik Eye Surgery. You can’t sell vision correction surgery the same way you sell fast food!

This is because we take your eye needs seriously. While other bladeless Lasik eye surgery practitioners in Milwaukee convince you how quick and easy it is, we won’t. Suson Eye Specialists knows it requires dedicated care from highly skilled doctors using the latest eye care technology, just like with any other procedure.

Bladeless LASIK

Through the Alcon Refractive Suite LASIK technique, we provide our patients with 100% blade-free LASIK procedure instead of using steel razor blades like other eye surgeons in Milwaukee. The fewer incisions you have to make, the better. Making every procedure as painless, safe, and fulfilling as possible is our highest priority.

Where is it best to go for a LASIK procedure?

Knowledge is power and we want you to have it. Visit our offices for a free consultation with one of our friendly surgeons. If you want to learn more before scheduling an appointment, we offer you these two options:

  • Get our Complete Consumer Guide to LASIK Eye Surgery” to know about the blade-free LASIK and Wavefront Guided technologies. Understand how all LASIK surgery is NOT the same, and why you should trust Suson Eye Specialists of Milwaukee to give you the best medical care you deserve.
  • Attend our next free seminar on LASIK surgery and allow us prove that Suson’s modern and advanced LASIK surgery is the only kind of LASIK surgery you should choose. Never settle for anything less when it comes to your vision!

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