iLasik Increasingly Performed, Article Finds

Milwaukee LASIK - iLASIKAs time passes, more and more US eye surgeons are changing over to the use of blade-free lasik systems like the iLasik system that I use. Every study has shown that results using the femtosecond lasers to make LASIK flaps result in equal or better outcomes with significant safety advantages.


Why some still don’t do iLASIK

Those resisting change to the more advanced iLASIK systems continue to site the cheaper cost and the time savings. Typically they mention time savings of around 8 minutes per case.

I personally find it astonishing that the surgeon would sacrifice safety and precision for the sake of cramming in a few more cases a day.

If the case can be made safer by spending just a few more minutes per case, I don’t see how that is unreasonable. Here is a link to a recent article from Ocular Surgery News detailing the current trends toward the laser only flade-free iLasik systems.


Industry trends toward iLASIK

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