Intraocular Lens Implants in Milwaukee

The Real Deal with Intraocular Lens Implant

So your eye specialist recommends intraocular lens implant for your condition. What now?

Going for this procedure requires enough knowledge on your part. After all, you’re going to have the implanted lens for the rest of your life. Here’s what you need to know about the intraocular lens aspect of cataract surgery:

Intraocular lens implants are tiny slices of plastics – either acrylic or silicone – that serve as replacements to natural lens after having your cataracts removed. Being weightless, you wouldn’t feel them once they’ve been implanted. The procedure requires precise optical measurements so that after surgery, you can have your eyeglasses prescription dramatically minimized.

Types of intraocular implants

There are three types of intraocular implants. First is the monofocal lens most commonly used today. The eye surgeon will calculate the lens to give you a good distance vision with minimal dependence on eyeglasses. Second is the toric lens that corrects astigmatism, but would also still require the use of eyeglasses. Third is multifocal or presbyopia correcting lens that correct near-sightedness. The eye doctor decides on which type of lens depending on your anatomy, needs and personality.

Intraocular lens implants utilized by Suson Eye Specialists are the highest standard in cataract surgery. These premium lenses allow the eye to focus on light, at the same time adjust for reading or looking at a distance. With this, we can say our surgery not only eliminates cataracts, but also improves and brightens the patient’s overall quality of life.

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