Free Milwaukee LASIK Guide

Get a copy of our free LASIK Guide.

At Suson Eye Specialists of Milwaukee, we’ve noticed that much of the information provided to patients about LASIK surgery is incomplete, too complicated, and filled with misleading information.

However, we understand that you probably have questions and, possibly, some concerns.

That’s why we decided to write a Complete Consumer Guide to Laser and Refractive Eye Surgery.

Read it to learn why all LASIK is not the same. Find out why many surgeons still use steel razor blades in their LASIK surgery rather than the most advanced blade-free LASIK technology. Understand what Wavefront technology means and discover what the cheap chain LASIK centers don’t want you to know about how this can affect your eyes and the precision of your LASIK surgery.



In addition to this guide, we offer two other opportunities to learn more about LASIK eye surgery in Milwaukee:

1. Attend one of our free LASIK seminars

These seminars allow our potential patients to not only become more familiar with the LASIK procedure, but to get to know our staff, surgeons, and facilities, which are located in the Milwaukee area.

2. Schedule a LASIK consultation at $100 off

Here, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and discuss your LASIK surgery with a surgeon prior to the actual procedure at our Wauwatosa office.

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